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​2021 Mar

​Second shop opened at SOGO Zhongxiao, Taipei, Taiwan

​2020 Feb

​Held an exhibition of 2020 collection at Ginza Sawamoto

​2019 May

​Shop opened at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi place A4 department store, Taipei, Taiwan

​2019 Feb-Mar

​Opened a pop-up shop at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi xinyi place A9 department store, Taipei, Taiwan

​2018 Nov

​Held an exhibition of 2018 collection at Ginza Sawamoto

​2018 Feb

​Held an exhibition of 2018 collection at ROOMS EXPERIENCE 36

​2017 May

​Opened a pop-up shop at Hankyu Nishinomiya department store

​Provided costumes


​Japanese TBS drama "You always inhabit my heart"


​Japanese TBS drama "Dairenai"


The TBS television station in Japan used a JULIAN VIERA garment design for a set of LINE stickers for the drama "Rentaru no koi"


​Japanese TBS drama "Rentaru no koi"

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