Elegance and grace constitute the heart of JULIAN VIERA’s philosophy. VIERA girls indulge themselves in the timeless luxury of aesthetic grace and sophistication, whilst cultivating their discerning fashion taste through our distinctive collections.

Since 2015, JULIAN VIERA has been relentlessly creating its unique collection at the heart of Asia’s avant-garde fashion scene in Tokyo, Japan. Using the forward-thinking design concept, JULIAN VIERA strives to create a classic look with strong personality that symbolizes the confidence of modern women. The integration and collaboration of JULIAN VIERA’s diverse cultural backgrounds help achieve a delicate synthesis of two cultures: attaining the minimalistic outline from the West while retaining the subtle purity of the East.

Inspired by the spirit of the traditional Japanese artisan, JULIAN VIERA seeks a world-class production ethos. In conjunction with thoughtfully selected partners, it combines both luxury fabrics and elaborate techniques, as well as the ‘Made in Japan’ label, in order to create the distinctive appeal of its collections.

As an emerging experimental fashion label, JULIAN VIERA is on the journey of expanding its collections to menswear, accessories and beyond. Ultimately, our team is striving to connect art and high-end fashion with innovations and creativity.

Kindly contact info@julianviera.com for further information regarding media inquiries, sponsorship and haute couture.