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At JULIAN VIERA, the philosophy is that

our women favour elegance and grace.

They admire the beauty of timeless classics,

but also cultivate their unique fashion taste from the distinctive details of their selections…

Founded in 2015 in Tokyo, Japan,

JULIAN VIERA employs a forward-thinking design concept to create a classic collection with strong personality for the contemporary woman.

Representing a combination and collaboration of its team’s abundant cultural backgrounds,

JULIAN VIERA achieves a delicate synthesis of different cultures; attaining a simplistic outline from the modern west and inserting the softness and purity of Eastern culture within.


Inspired by the spirit of the traditional Japanese artisan, JULIAN VIERA seeks a world-leading production ethos. In conjunction with thoughtfully selected partners,

we combine both luxury fabrics and refined techniques, as well as the ‘Made in Japan’ proposition, in order to create the definitive aesthetics of our collection.


As a rising experimental fashion label,

JULIAN VIERA is continuing its journey by expanding our collections to menswear, accessories and beyond. Ultimately, we are striving to connect both art and high-end fashion with innovative and evolving creativity.

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